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Get your own dragongauntlets for fun, roleplaying or to just up your own personal fantasy-style.

There are 4 sizes (small, medium, large and extra large) and 2 different lenghts (short and long). All gauntlets are of own design and in different scalepatterns. There are the following scalecolors: blue, red, green, black, orange, purple, bronzetoned, goldtoned and aluminium - all the scales are made of anodized aluminium.

Guiding prices (exscl. shipment)

Size Length Price
Small Short 350 DKK
Medium Short 400 DKK
Large Short 450 DKK
Extra large Short 500 DKK
Small Long 475 DKK
Medium Long 500 DKK
Large Lange 550 DKK
Extra large Long 600 DKK
Large with fingers Short 650 DKK

Shipment outside of Denmark is 74 DKK (shipment will be handled by Postnord) - if you buy for at least 500 DKK, the shipment is free.

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Aranfell's Gauntlets

These gauntlets used to belong to a legendary noble family by the name of Aranfell. The gaunlets bear the mark of their crest - three small golden stars above one large golden star on a green background. The scales, acording to legend, are supposed to come from the dragon Arachi, as a thank you for their high esteem for her forests and protection.


Size: Medium, short
Color: Green gauntlets with green and golden scales.

Augr's Flame


Size: Medium, short
Farve: Orange gauntlets with orange and bronze scales.


These magical gaunlets are said to have the ability to grant ones weapon with the breath of frost, when one is wearing them in battle. The gauntlets are blessed by the dragons Sariel (Creator of Iceblossoms) and Idrazir (Messenger of the Frost).


Size: Small, short
Color: Blue gauntlets with blue and aluminium scales.

Gauntlets of Power

Acording to the legend about the ancient dragon T'Galion (The Ruler), it was he who dealt out power to mankind - and took it away again, if you displeased him. His favorites was handed out some speciel gauntlets as a token of his favor - but they were also magical and made it easier to get followers. Very few of these gaunlets was created, since they were very powerful. T'Galion also got some jewelry blessed to few minor chosen ones, but their magical power could not measure itself with the gaunlets. The gaunlets are said to have been made from his own scales.


Size: Medium, long
Color: Purple gaunlets with purple and black scales.

Vairyn's Gaunlets

The legend tells, that Vairyn was the Great Shadowwarrior in an ancient time, where he fought the creatures of darkness (hence his name). The legend furthermore tells, that because he fought like a true warrior, he won the dragon Bellum's (The Warrior) favor and received a pair of gaunlets from the dragon himself. According to legend the gaunlets are made of Bellums own scales! Some are of the persuasion, that the gaunlets are magical, but that the magic only works for a true warrior in the eyes of Bellum.


Size: Small, short
Color: Black gaunlets with black and red scales.

Gauntlets of the Sun


Size: Large with fingers, short
Color: Golden gauntlets with gold and silver scales.